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Our Programs

Little Dragons Tang - Te Kempo

This program is for ages 4 through 6 years old . In this program, our focus is on getting the child to follow directions by increasing listening skills. They will be taught how to properly throw punches, kicks and learn self defense techniques as well as learning stranger awareness, tumbling and team work.

Kid's World Tang - Te Kempo

This program is for children 7 - 12. In this program, the child works on punch and kick drills, self defense techniques, sparring, as well as weapons. Through martial arts, your child will become more confident, have a better attitude, will be less likely to be bullied and be a better student.

Adult Tang - Te Kempo

This program is for ages 13 and older in this class you will learn self defense techniques, how to properly throw punches and kicks, how to defend on the ground, as well as attack on the ground, tumbling and weapons


In this program you will learn how to properly use your hands, feet, knees and elbows through the use of drilling, bag work and sparring. This program is great for cardio or competition.

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