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Sensei Scott Harper is a 8th Dan under O-Sensei Joe Paynter. He began training in Tang-Te Kempo at the age of 11 because he was being bullied. He was thinking he wanted to learn how to fight so he could defend himself and beat up the kids that beat him up. What he discovered was that the more he trained, the less he had to fight, because the more confident he was, the less he got picked on. He graduated from MT. Whitney high school in 1983 and received his Black Belt that summer and joined the Air Force for a 4 year tour. While in the military he taught at the base gym and his back yard in his spare time until he found a gym that he could open a school at. When his 4 year tour was over he shut down his school and moved home to Visalia Ca. where he was a member of the Air Reserves for 4 more years and once again, began training people out of his home finally in 2000 he decided to open his own school in Goshen. Of course during all this time, Sensei Harper continued his training as well as began training in other arts as well, trying to become a well rounded martial artist. In 2000 he began training MMA fighters as well as Kickboxers and the Samurai Dojo Fight Team began competing in local events as well as events in other cities in California and other states while still teaching Tang-Te Kempo. In 2013 he decided that he missed concentrating on his first martial arts love of Tang-Te Kempo and so he withdrew from MMA to concentrate on his first love. In 2005 he moved his school from Goshen to a 20,000 square foot facility in Exeter, Ca. where he still resides today.

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